Other Caltrans Projects

The Environmental Protection Information Center, Willits Environmental Center, Friends of Del Norte, Center for Biological Diversity, and a strong coalition of community advocates are challenging two other environmentally damaging, expensive and unnecessary highway projects proposed by Caltrans along the North Coast of California:

Willits Bypass

Wild and Scenic Smith River Project on the 197/199

The environmental impacts of the behemoth road-building agency became acute throughout the planning process for the Richardson Grove highway-widening project and has organically transformed into a regional campaign to ‘Rein in Caltrans.’

EPIC’s Rein in Caltrans is a campaign designed to force Caltrans to abandon or alter some of their more egregious highway widening projects, and to publicize and reform the flawed decision-making and environmental review process at Caltrans that allows these wasteful and destructive projects to move forward.

EPIC is dedicating energy to building an active constituency and membership that supports our policy stances and legal actions on these issues.

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