The Richardson Grove Highway “Improvement” Project would not result in safer roads.

  • The project would remove curves from the roadway and may result in motorists driving at increased speeds.
  • Caltrans’ acknowledges that the project is not for safety, but would instead reduce impediments to larger vehicular traffic within the Grove.

STAA Trucks currently drive through Richardson Grove State Park. They come in the form of exempted cattle trucks, interstate moving companies and rogue trucks that illegally pass through the Grove.

According to CHP there have been no collisions involving STAA trucks within Richardson Grove.

Removing the existing restriction for STAA trucks would result in increased truck traffic along Highway 101 between Oregon and San Francisco. Additional trucks would result in increased risks to motorists.

From the Truck Safety Coalition:

  • On average 4,000 people are killed in truck crashes annually and 100,00 more are injured.  The annual cost of truck crashes exceeds $19 billion.  In the past 10 years more than 48,000 people have needlessly died and over 1 million have been injured in truck crashes.  Enough is enough.
  • In fatal 2-vehicle crashes involving a passenger vehicle and a large truck, 98% of the deaths are occupants of the passenger vehicles. Adding more weight to a big truck dramatically increases the risk of death and serious injury.
  • The American public strongly opposes allowing bigger and heavier trucks.  In an April 2011 public opinion poll, 74% of Americans opposed increases to truck weights, with more than half of Americans strongly opposing them.
  • Big trucks dramatically underpay their fair share of bridge and road damage and motorists are footing the bill.  States and Congress are already struggling to find sufficient funds to repair roads and bridges and we don’t need bigger trucks doing more damage that motorists have to pay for.
  • Bigger trucks mean more truck traffic, more fuel consumption, more emissions, particularly greenhouse gases, and will result in more deaths and injuries.

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