STAA Trucks

What is a STAA Truck?

STAA Trucks are the largest commercial shipping trucks on the Interstates. What usually distinguishes a STAA truck from a California Legal Truck is the size of the cab. STAA trucks are designed for long-distance hauling and are equipped with sleeper cabs for the drivers.

Because of the potentially unlimited length of the STAA truck, including their limited turning capacity and increased impacts on roadways, they are restricted from driving on many roadways and highways throughout California and the rest of the United States. STAA trucks mainly travel along the major interstate highways such as: I-5, I-80, I-10, etc.

To see just how much of California’s roadways are off-limits to STAA trucks click here.


Both STAA and California Legal trucks can haul 48-53 foot trailers, and both are limited to a total weight of 80,000 pounds.

All highway trucks are allowed the same maximum gross weight of 80,000 lbs; however, the larger the truck-tractor (the part the driver sits in), the heavier its empty weight, allowing it to carry less product weight. Using smaller truck-tractors to pull longer trailers is more efficient than employing the larger, heavier truck assemblies.

The Coalition for Transportation Productivity, a group of more than 100 major shippers including Coca-Cola and The Home Depot, is supporting legislation in Congress that would increase truck weight limits by 20%–up to 100,000 pounds!





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